Voice Recognition

There are a lot of voices out there right now.  As we all seek to navigate through life in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone seems to have an idea of what is really going on and what we need to do in response.

It should always be important for us to be confident in the source behind the truth we live by, but in times like this we become so much more aware of the implications of our next move.  Our actions are decided much sooner though. 

How we think and what we say are things that shape and eventually determine what we actually do.

We have seen many sides of the spectrum in our current situation.  There are those who believe that the coronavirus is the end of the world.  They believe this in their heart, profess it with their mouth and live it out in the supermarkets.

Then there are those who think that it is all fabricated.  That is what they believe in their hearts.  That is what they are proclaiming to the world.  And it is leading to their actions of continuing to go out in groups and live life like they always have.

There are those who believe that it is all political and there is an agenda behind it.  That is what they believe in their heart.  That is the message they are spreading.  And they act by endorsing a particular candidate or process that they believe will solve the issue.

But there is another way to look at things.

Maybe this is the beginning of the end of the world.  Maybe there is an agenda.  I can’t know that for sure.  But I do know this.

The way I respond to the crisis of today will shape the character of my life tomorrow.

If I am checked out to what is going on right now, over time my heart will become more apathetic towards God and the people around me.  If I am anxious and in a panic, over time I will be more and more consumed with the ‘what if’s’ of my life and focus more on looking out for myself while I trample on and over the needs of others.  The truth is that our actions will be determined by the voice that we give most room to.  So as one author said, the most important question right now that we need to ask in the midst of all this is,

Whose is the loudest voice in your head right now?”

-Jon Tyson, The Burden Is Light

There are no doubt many things that need to be figured out as major changes happen almost daily.  But as we go about these tasks, it is important that we seek wisdom from the one who truly holds the world in his hand.  Many people are claiming that they know what is going on.  There is only one who really does.  Are you listening to the voices of fear and panic?  Or are you listening for the voice of the one who created the heavens and the earth?  Who came to earth as God in the flesh to save us from our sin.  Who is one day coming again.

One thing is for sure.  For better or for worse, how we respond in our words and actions during this time will shape who we become tomorrow and in the future.  We are not in control of the outcome, but we will be known by the things we said and the choices we made during this time.

The voice that has most importance will be reflected in what we give our time, our emotion, and even our fear to in this moment.  Up until a few weeks ago, we gave these things to a number of different voices.  Now, as they are each slowly being taken away one at a time, it is awakening us to the one voice that really matters.  The voice that calls us to: Love God.  Love your neighbor.  Let the way you live your life point people to Jesus.

People are watching followers of Jesus.  As they look at us and see how we respond, whose voice will they hear?


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